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[SOLVED] Checking if downloadable in paypal redirect.tpl


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You could use $cart->isVirtualCart() in modules/paypal/redirect.php to check whether there are any downloadable products in the cart. To check whether an individual product is a downloadable product, use the following:


If it returns false, then you know it isn't a downloadable product. If it returns an ID, then you know the product is a downloadable product. You could add a new array element to the $products array with a true or false value so you can check in redirect.tpl whether the product is downloadable.

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I'm not sure. If $cart is a global variable, then it should work. If it isn't, then it won't. You should add the following to the list of $smarty->assigns in modules/paypal/redirect.php to pass in the value:

$isVirtualCart => $cart->isVirtualCart(),

then you can use the following in redirect.tpl:

{if $isVirtualCart}

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