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[MODULE] Homepage Tabs - Display Featured Products, Most Viewed, Best Sellers, New Products and Specials in tabs on the Homepage


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Display more products on the homepage using tabs.

Available tabs: Featured Products,Category, Manufaturer, Supplier, Most Viewed (Not just products the current user viewed), Best Sellers, New Products and Specials.

You can select:

* Tab color.
* Tab order.
* Number of products to display in each tab.
* Number of products in each row.
* Product width.
* Length of product name / description / short description.
* Display View / Add to cart buttons.

This module was tested on Prestashop 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 & 1.5

Available at http://www.presto-ch...epage-tabs.html

V1.0.1 released, it includes an encoding fix for tab headers

V1.0.2 released, bug fix for add to cart button on most viewed tab

V1.0.3 released, it includes support for PS 1.4

V1.1 released, it includes
* Optimized Javascript / CSS.
* Fix for specials (PS1.4)

V1.2 Released
* Support for PS 1.5
* Ability to select show a tab with products from Categories, Manufacturers and Suppliers.
* Ability to select products per row + width.
* Improved CSS.

V1.2.1 released
* Updated image name for PS 1.5.1


V1.3 released
* Added Ajax option to load additional tabs
* Added random option for all tabs
* Replace 'Custom Id' with Autocomplete
* Added PrestoChangeoClasses
* Price increase



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The module uses the built in Prestashop function to get those

$newProducts = Product::getNewProducts(intval($params['cookie']->id_lang), 0, $this->_tab_noof_newproducts);


You could either modify that core function to return random products, or modify the module to get more results and randomly get only the number you need to display.

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We use the iSimple theme in our site. If we use this module, the buttons from the products will not be the same as the selected theme no?


We changed also the code so that we can t see the product description. Can we do the same with the module?


Is there any possiility to delete the Specials tab?



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the module uses the default Prestashop CSS buttons, if you theme was coded properly (and still has all the original classes), then the module will show the buttons just like in your theme.


You can edit the tpl files for each tab, and can decided which ones to show and at what order.

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The module uses the Prestashop built in function to display the new products, and will display them in the same order as the new products page.


How do I choose some products can bring new products to my tab?

Product features can be done with an update?

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If you want to change the products that are showing up as new, you would have to edit the Prestashop built in function (Product::getNewProducts()) that gets new products (as I mentioned, the module uses that function and has no control over what is returned).


I did not understand the seconds question.

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Hi Tomer,


Is our 5th module we buy from you!!!


Just bought your module. Some tips would be GREAT!!!!


- Could you please tell us exactly where we can change the texts code in your tpl files so that we have the top buttons with White Texts?


- What text do we have to remove so that the Name and Price don't have the grey background? We would like to keep the White Backgroung of our Theme.


- Top Button in Black with White Texts would also be fantastic as an option.


- Do Red Price Bigger, now is really small.


I have translated the top level names in 5 languages, if you need them, let me know.



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I'm glad to hear you like our modules, however, you are one of a few thousands of customers, and we simply cannot provide support for module customization for everybody.

Our free support only covers the default installation of a module.

We always try to point customers in the right direction when it comes to customization (which I did it the previous posts), however, we cannot make those customizations for you.

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Ok I understand, although at least you could tell us please how we could make texts be White colored when the Selected Button Slide is Red? Now with current text, it is not visible enough.


Trying to adapt your module to our site, we found that there is an error as we can't show more than 20 products in Featured. If we choose more products the products and images overlaps...


In the Featured Module that comes as default we had 80 products. What can we do to keep the same amount of products with your module?


Thank you!!


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