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Override AdminOutstanding Controller


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Hello everyone!

I want to edit the AdminOutstandingController.php so that instead of showing the column "Outstanding balance allowed" ("outstanding_allow_amount") it shows the value of what PS calls "invoices" (which is "total_paid_tax_incl").

I tried with:

'total_paid_tax_incl' => array(
'title' => $this->l('Total Remito X'),
'align' => 'text-right',
'type' => 'price',
'currency' => true,
'callback' => 'setOrderCurrency',
'badge_success' => true

But i have not success :( it returns "--"

Full code: https://codeshare.io/50njdD

Any idea? Thanks!


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hace 15 horas, Nishith dijo:


place this file in this path 


If any thing then tell me




Hello Nishith thank you very much for your response.

I share here the code modified by another developer that gave me a hand shortly before you. The result is the same and a new column was added that allows to see the total charged of each invoice. It is very useful for a B2B business. Regards!


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