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Move Category description under products


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Hello all.

As per SEO text on category description is very important but at the moment on my site it disturb the user because once they land on my site they see lot of text.

there is a way to move this text at the end of the page under the products ?

This is my site https://www.jnstore.it/14-acrilico and the category you see have alot of text so I need to move the text under the products.

I have custom Theme on Prestashop


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On 12/30/2018 at 2:13 PM, divid said:

For Prestashop 1.7, to move the category description you should moved description from  

\themes\your_themes\templates\ catalog\listing\category.tpl file

to the

\themes\your_themes\templates\ _partials\pagination.tpl

Interestingly, could you tell which code it is that needs to be moved?
Thanks in advance.

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For Prestashop 1.7

To move down category description you need move this code

                {if $category.description}
                    <div id="category-description" class="text-muted">{$category.description nofilter}</div>

from \themes\your_themes\templates\catalog\_partials\category-header.tpl

to bottom of file \themes\your_themes\templates\ _partials\products-bottom.tpl

Important! For some themes you need modify ...\catalog\listing\category.tpl instead ...\catalog\_partials\category-header.tpl

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