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prestashop instructions for front office confusing


Hello there, I'm very confused and new to all this and desperately need help!

I'm using ipage.com as my host and have installed prestashop using the instructions from the prestashop book. I've had to move my host so have changed IPS TAG and nameservers to what my host has said is the right place. I can use my prestashop admin back office but when I go to my website instead of seeing the prestashop template the book told me to expect after following the instructions to the letter there is just a 'This website is under development' Have I not installed this properly, or is there another way to see a preview of my website while I'm building it? I know I must be doing something wrong but can't think what it is, please help.

Thanks a lot

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Also if you click the logo in the top right, it should take you back to your homepage, but yours takes you back to the development screen, this is very bad and breaks any navigation of your site.

Personally i would take your hosts money back guarantee and go somewhere that has good reviews.

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