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Prestashop Uncaught ReferenceError: tinyMCE is not defined

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hi guys, 

i have some problems with tinyMce or Javascript in the backend. Some pages that contain text editors are not loading properly, and i can't edit text or use any of the buttons, regardless of the fact that they are not tinyMCE related. I think it crashes JS

Product edit page works correctly.

The megamenu edit page is not loading correctly, and another module that uses tinyMCE. Please check the attached files


I checked Chrome and i get the following error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: tinySetup is not defined
    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (index.php?controller=AdminModules&configure=iqitmegamenu&tab_module=front_office_features&module_name=iqitmegamenu&token=c9ce6996a657237c5a69e6dc5fcb45ee:7183)
- this changes in relation to the page i am trying to load
    at j (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2)
    at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2)
    at Function.ready (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2)
    at HTMLDocument.K (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2)


I have the following files and code:



function tinySetup(config)
        config = {};

    //var editor_selector = 'rte';
    //if (typeof config['editor_selector'] !== 'undefined')
        //var editor_selector = config['editor_selector'];
    if (typeof config['editor_selector'] != 'undefined')
        config['selector'] = '.'+config['editor_selector'];
//    safari,pagebreak,style,table,advimage,advlink,inlinepopups,media,contextmenu,paste,fullscreen,xhtmlxtras,preview
    default_config = {
        selector: ".rte" ,
        plugins : " fieldsetcontrols visualblocks, preview searchreplace print insertdatetime, hr charmap colorpicker anchor code   link image paste pagebreak table contextmenu filemanager table code media textcolor emoticons shortcode  advlist fullpage fullscreen",
        toolbar2 : "newdocument,print,|,bold,italic,underline,|,strikethrough,superscript,subscript,|,forecolor,colorpicker,backcolor,|,bullist,numlist,outdent,indent",
        toolbar1 : "styleselect,|,formatselect,|,fontselect,|,fontsizeselect,", 
        toolbar3 : "shortcode, code,|,table,|,cut,copy,paste,alignleft,aligncenter ,alignright,alignjustify,    ,searchreplace,|,blockquote,|,undo,redo,|,link,unlink,anchor,|,image,emoticons,media,|,inserttime,|,preview,fullpage,fullscreen,  ",
        toolbar4 : "visualblocks,|,charmap,|,hr,|,removeformat,|,addfieldset ,delfieldset,pasteword,pastetex",
        external_filemanager_path: ad+"/filemanager/",
        filemanager_title: "File manager" ,
        external_plugins: { "filemanager" : ad+"/filemanager/plugin.min.js"},
        extended_valid_elements: 'pre[*],script[*],style[*]', 
        valid_children: "+body[style|script],pre[script|div|p|br|span|img|style|h1|h2|h3|h4|h5],*[*]",
        valid_elements : '*[*]', 
        force_p_newlines : false, 
        cleanup: false, 
        forced_root_block : false, 
        force_br_newlines : true, 
        width: 1000,
        height: 500,
relative_urls : false,
remove_script_host : false,
convert_urls : true,

        menu: {
            edit: {title: 'Edit', items: 'undo redo | cut copy paste | selectall'},
            insert: {title: 'Insert', items: 'media image link | pagebreak'},
            view: {title: 'View', items: 'visualaid'},
            format: {title: 'Format', items: 'bold italic underline strikethrough superscript subscript | formats | removeformat'},
            table: {title: 'Table', items: 'inserttable tableprops deletetable | cell row column'},
            tools: {title: 'Tools', items: 'code'}
    $.each(default_config, function(index, el)
    {        if (config[index] === undefined )
            config[index] = el;

$().ready(function() {


classes/Validate.php with the code: public static function isCleanHtml($html, $allow_iframe = false) { return true; }


I have tried all solutions that i could find over web and in the forum with no luck.

- replaced admin, js, classes and override files with original ones

- replaced all tinymce files with original ones

- i've downloaded the latest 1.6 version of prestas and tried to use those files. 

- i've disabled all CCC options, disabled cache, disabled most of the modules, including statistics and blog related modules.

- cleared cache multiple times, cleared browser history and cookies, renamed admin folder to a different name.


Right now i am not able to edit my menu and some other info. And it also crashes the main backend menu. 

Tested in Chrome and Edge.





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hi kornfr333k.

You can use this "duty" hack: edit /js/admin/tinymce.inc.js and paste before "if (!config)" line with checking tinyMCE. This is first lines from my file:

function tinySetup(config)
      if (typeof tinyMCE === 'undefined') {
        setTimeout(function() {
        }, 100);
		config = {};


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