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Currency problems after upgrade


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Today i've decided to upgrade my PrestaShop from to 1.7.3. Everything goes well but when i try to add or update some products price change to 0,00.  If i change product price and save nothing happens.  No errors even in debug mode, just one confirmation with Changes Saved Successfully,.

After some attempts i found that the problem occurs from price without VAT.  If that price is without dot, or comma product is Saved Successfully but is wrong in store.

For example, in back-end Price without VAT is 133 and final price is 158.27. but in store price is 158.,27,00 (yeah, with dot and commas)

Store  currency is Romanian Leu

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I found a very odd behaviour.

If final price is 139 price without tax calculated by Prestashop is 116.806723 > not working but If i remove one digit and change it in  116.80673 =>working for final price 139,000009 but if i change price in 116.80672  with final price 138.999997 and save, my price in store will be 0,00 again.

Now if i come back later and edit that product description and leave price unchanged (116.80673), store price change to 0 and this time 116.80672  will change store price in 139


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Thank you for your response Marek

Everything works just fine now, without any updates or changes. 

I'm using Alysum, but was not related to this theme because i checked with default theme. 

Maybe it was a glitch or something

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