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Suppliers List Layout problem


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I am using PS standard template (bootstrap) with some little modifications. However, I am experiencing a problem with the Suppliers List view in my site (https://prepelus.fisiomio.com/es/proveedor), probably as a side effect of any of those modifications:
-    Suppliers list is not properly placed and overlapping the footer. 
-    Rows are not aligned. 
-    Some rows have different height.
So, I would appreciate if someone can enlighten me on how to fix it so: 
-    Suppliers list is properly placed and not overlapping the footer. 
-    Rows are aligned. 
-    Div class=”description” must not contain any picture, but just the first 180 alphabetical characters of the supplier description. (Enhancement)
-    Every row has the same height.
-    Responsive.
Thank you all in advance.

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