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Product list and details as JSON

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I am trying to make a web request to a site made with Prestashop (v.1.7.3 with dummy content) in order to show the list of products and the product details (including images) within a table view of an iOS app I am currently prototyping using SWIFT 4. 

No intention so far to put new products nor make purchases through the app, just mirror the shop in the app.

I have checked the Prestashop Web Services documentation, created an auth key and I have found that it is possible to get the products in JSON format using an url formatted as:


What I get is the following JSON file:


It seems something like a dictionary, with only the identifiers of each product. 

Now I am stuck, since I do not know how to extract more info about each product from this JSON file. The Prestashop Web Services documentation is not very clear and it is basically php oriented.

Thanks for any suggestion or reference to study!

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