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Combinations and tax


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Combination with impact on price looks like:
(pre-tax price + tax) + impact price

I'm trying to change code to:
(pre-tax price + impact price) + tax

In classes/Product.php I chenged this:

$price += $attribute_price;


$price += $attribute_price + ($attribute_price * ($tax / 100));

And it works, but only in cart.

What I must change (in themes\prestashop\product.js?) to see correct prices in product card?

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Thank you for this code, you've saved me hours of hunting. Did you manage to find the product page code and get that working correctly.

if so could you post it.

many thanks

- EDIT - to ensure that the attribute product price matches the cart price you'll need to make sure that (Back Office) Payment > Currencies > Conversion Rate is set to the 1.175 (17.5%). Default install was set at .80
n.b. when the VAT goes up to 20% in Jan 2011, change this to 2.00 or again you'll notice that the product and cart prices to not match for any product with attributes.

I hope this helps...


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