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selling softwares activation keys Is it Possible?


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hi this is khafanovich,i am a new member and i rgister today,
we have a company selling mobile application,each application should be installed on the phone,
people have to activate their product:
Take a look at this scenario :
1.people come to our shop
3.select their product
4.download it
5.install it on their phone
6.the software gives them a serial number
7.they have to com to site,enter the serial number
8.pay for activation cod
9.the serial number send them by email.

i dont know if we can run this scenario in this shop,i think we have to code some modules,
but my question is : is it possible to do this ?
( you are the developers and have more info on this shop,i want to know the possiblity of this action )

is there any better shop than this on ?
i think its the best ? isnt it?

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Thank you rocky But lets Review my Scenario :
1- customer come and review my tiny mobile applications
2-he downloads them freely.
3-when he install the application in his mobile,in the welcome screen of the application ,there is a serial number,and an empty activation code box,the customer has to come to the website,add that application(s) to the cart.
4-then he has to pay to total cost
5-when the payment ( just online payement,COD does not mean any more,its a virtual product) completed he directed to a page
6-in this page he enter the serial number that the mobile application gives him.
7-system generate an activation code for him
8-system shows him the activation code and also email him the code
9-customer enter the code in the application and become happy :)

tips : we have to get the serial number and generate the activation code online.we cant save bulk serials in a txt file.
tips : each person can get 3 activation code per a product (by every payment) so we have to save the number of activation.
Note : we have all the routines of the serial number generation

I am new to this e-shop (amazing e-shop)
I have also php developers,please help me in these areas
1) I think we should develope a customize payment system (Pay/get serials/generate activation code/show the codes/save the history of activation numbers)
2) i think we have to modify the product catalog

please show me a road map for running this scenario.
Best Wishes.

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If i understood everything, you could use 'customization' functionality on the product to force customer to enter the serial number on the product page, before payment.

Then you create a module attached to the hook cart creation or update, and you search history to see if this customer already bought this product, so you offer him a new activation code.

You also create an other action in your module that you attach to a hook after payment, which generate the activation code, show him on payment validation page, and send him by email.

I think it could do the job... easier to say than to do obviously :P

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