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HArd to find

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I was looking for a addons to prestashop that will allow me to give customers the ability to sell their own stuff. The idea is like a garage sale. A customer will register to my website, and after he can sell his own stuff. I don't even know if is possible with prestashop, maybe another CMS will do it?

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Hi danny

Welcome to the forum. What you seek is possible, there are few options/module available but I recommend you to check


Bit more text but you will find link to 

It is Agile multiple seller/vendor module as base but also have additional connected module for shipping, payments, reviews so like bundle of modules.

And @shokinro gives great support so ask for demo and plan what your store may look like and what features you will need.

For other CMS I think there are few other solutions but not tested and yu have to google more.

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