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[SOLVED] New tab in back office by module


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Copy one of the files in the admin/tabs directory and create your tab based on that. Once you've done that, go to Tools > Tabs, create a new tab, enter the tab text under "Name", enter the class name under "Class" (for example, AdminYourTab), then choose "Customer" as the parent category.

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I spend some time and now I will show complete solution - what we need to do to use back office tab, created by our module.
1. In instalation process we must eval this:

$tab = new Tab();
foreach (Language::getLanguages() as $language) {
     $tab->name[$language['id_lang']] = 'Tab Name';
$tab->class_name = 'AdminModuleName'; // you need to write tab code in AdminModuleName.php in module folder
$tab->module = 'modulename'; // module name and folder
$tab->id_parent = 2; / / parent tab ID
$r = $tab->save(); // saving your tab
Configuration::updateValue('MODULENAME_TAB_ID', $tab->id); // saving tab ID to remove it when uninstall 

2. When uninstall module :

$tab = new Tab(Configuration::get('MYMESSAGE_TAB_ID'));

Hope this information be usefull.

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