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[SOLVED] Logging Debug messages to table


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I wrote this function, placed it in the Tools class:

 * Logs message to ps_debug_table
 * @param $module string - module where error occured
 * @param $msg string    - message to log
 static public function DebugLog($_mod, $_msg) {
   Db::getInstance()->Execute('INSERT INTO `'._DB_PREFIX_.'debug_table` (proc_id, debug_output) VALUES ('.$_mod.', '.$_msg.')') or die(self::displayError());

And I call it like this, say from Products.php:

Tools::DebugLog('Product', 'In Get Products()');

However, nothing is getting inserted into the ps_debug_table.

Any ideas as to why? Am I doing something wrong here?

I've tried using the FirePHP code from ecartservice.net but it didn't work, either, I got no messages logged.

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