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hookActionProductCancel - Get All id_order_detail


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I am trying to get the total amount of refund. I have tried the following and successfully achieve 1 item refund amount based on the refund quantity from back-office.

Can anyone point out how can I list all the id_order_detail based on the selection from refund checkboxes? It is currently only returning the latest checkbox checked for id_order_detail.

I am stuck at this point. My code are as follow:

$order = $params['order'];
$id_order = (int)$order->id;
$order_detail = new OrderDetail((int) $params['id_order_detail']);
$products = $order_detail->getList($id_order);
$id_order_detail = $order_detail->id;
$cancel_quantity = Tools::getValue('cancelQuantity');

$key = array_search($id_order_detail, array_column($products, 'id_order_detail'));
$refund = $products[$key]['unit_price_tax_incl'] * (int) $cancel_quantity[$id_order_detail];

Any guidance is truly appreciated. Hope someone has an experience handling this previously.

Thank you.

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To got information about the returning items you need use the  OrdenReturn class I dont sure right now but I think is a function on the Order to return the id to use on the other class


Take a look on the OrderReturnController to see how they work



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