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Improvement suggestion: shipping rates more flexible


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As we are selling products with 0,0200g and other with a weight of 30 kg, we need more flexibel shipping rates like that:

- Shipping class will be set on each article

- Shipping classes:

a. Class a: weight 0-3 kg, 5 €; 3-5 kg, 6€; 5-10 kg, 10€ ....
b. Class b: weight upt to 31 kg, 7 €
c. Class c: - 5kg; 2,50€, 5-20 kg, 7,50€
d. Class c: not shippable, must be picked up

1. customer puts into basket one article of class a. Calculated freigt according to class a, for a 5 kg product= 6€.
2. customer puts into basket one article of class a and b.
Before at all there must be a possibility to set: if combination take cheaper or the expensiver freight to manage. Than the basket calculates the freight accordingly what ist set( cheaper or expensiver freight set).
3. customer puts into basket one article of class a, b and c: than the basket calculates the freight accordingly what is set (combinatin for the expensiver class or the cheaper freight class)
4. customer puts into basket one article of class d. So all shipping classes disappear and only "pick-up" is available tho choose in check-out. Also all combinations with class c.

It is also useful to set a possbility surcharges and discounts for each class. You can also extend this by "show all classes" and let the customer decide, but calculated on the weight set, also with combinations, so the basket must localize the freight and compare which is set the expensive one or the cheaper one.

Remark: the class "pick-up" will allways be shown as a check-out possibility ! Also free shipping for more than xxx euros order amount, will not affect the classes directly! So when set the amount all classes will not take effect when the amount is reached.

Our actual shopping cart can manage the shipping costs by this way and we would like to have the same for presta, because it allows a closer calculation.

Is there any way to implement this in one of the coming updates ???

I'm using now german edition.

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