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CMS only for Logged users


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Hello I need to make some CMS page private for only Logged customers, I found this:


And I modify my CMSController.PHP and is working, but this is for ALL the CMS page, and I need ONLY for 1 page, is any another way to do? or I can make two kind of CMS pages, some private and other ones public?



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You can make the change but add the id of the cms you want to filter i havent test it but something like these


    public function initContent()

		$id_cms = (int) Tools::getValue('id_cms');

		if ( ($id_cms === code of cms you want hide) && (!$this->context->customer->isLogged()) ){


you can in fact add a field to the database then read if is private and use that value

I think the call should be back value to return to the page after the login


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