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I am prestashop NUB , so please pardon my ignorance, I am attempting to use this jQuery plugin known as prettySociable http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettysociable-mashable-like-sharing/documentation/

I added the jQuery plugins and the required CSS files in the header.tpl after placing the jquery files into the /js folder and the css file into the /css folder and then tried to initialize the plugin by adding the script as mentioned in the documentation before the </body> tag in the footer.tpl. On doing so I found my Footer to not show up.

Secondly, after doing the above steps I need to add the rel="prettySociable" to the Images that appear on the Product page, so I looked into the product.tpl of my themes, however I am unable to find the appropriate tags so that I could add rel=prettySociable as there is already the thickbox being called up.

Would appreciate on any pointers on how this could be achieved.

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