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Specific Price Range = 0.- on product page | where r these smarty variables being assigned?


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Hello Everyone

I have a problem with specific prices. The products have no combination (most of the posts I looked through are combination related) and have a e.g. 20% discount starting at 10 pieces.

On the product page when I click on the plus button to increase the amount to meet the range of the specific price the price value changes to zero. I found out that the JS behind the price change relies on attributes inside the <tr> tag of "volume discounts" section (data-real-discount-value). The "data-real-discount-value" attribute has the content "CHF 0,00" and this is being displayed then to the user as soon as the quantity meets the requirement.

I have no idea how to investigate further. I would now look in the place where the values are assigned to smarty variables, but have no idea where this is. Can you tell me where the values are being assigned to the smarty variables (e.g. {$productPrice})?

I came up with the idea of replacing the files that are needed to show the product page with a minor release version farther. Speaking of actual version I'd like to copy some files from version on a test environment. Now I just don't know what files to copy. Can someone tell me what files are all included in the process of displaying the products price on the product page so I can only replace these ones? I cannot update my shop as it's connected to other shops with self made ex and importer tools.

Thanks a lot for any help!!


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