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How to fix the display of images?


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After installing the template, there was a problem with displaying images on the listing. I will just add that everything was fine on the old template, I reloaded all the pictures, and as I upload them, they all have a dimension of 800x800 px. How can I fix this problem?

link to view problem: https://medpak.com.pl/szukaj?controller=search&orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=Witamina+D3&category_filter=0&submit_search=


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18 hours ago, Ckay said:

On the screenshot you have shown the images are 400px x 400px but scaled down to 186px x 186px.

What exactly are you trying to achieve?


We may have misunderstood. Let's skip the subject of image dimensions, and let's focus on the problem of displaying products on one line. The problem is as on the attached screen.


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