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Paypal not displaying in Payments


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Hello everyone

We have a prestashop store running version and we cannot display the paypal option in our one-page-checkout process. I have looked over the forums for possible solutions but I have found none. I've set the sandbox in paypal acount and entered the paypal username,password and signature in the module but it just wont show the payment option. In my search for a solution I have checked the country, currency restrictions and tried all the combinations that I could but nothing seems to be working. The only thing that works (in terms of displaying) is if I choose the "express checkout shortcut". But the problem is that is displays in the wrong place and also that if you click it nothing happens.


If anyone has any ideas about this mind boggling situation please help.


Thank you in advance!

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We see that you have a problem with our module. This problem does not look like a problem we have already encountered, and requires intervention on our part.

If you would like our help, can you open a message in (Addons support platform) in the next link; https://addons.prestashop.com/fr/contactez-nous?id_product=1748 Thus, we can exchange information that can not be shared on the forum. 

Please copy / paste your subject's URL into the message so that we can explain the resolution of the problem here.

Upon receipt of your ticket, we will contact you.

Thank you,

202 ecommerce

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