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Hide filter on overview page

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sorry for asking this question again.
I wrote it in the german forum, but nobody seems to have an idea.


Here are the first steps for a small shop. 

I build it with

You see, that there is a complete useless filter shown.
I got an answer in the german forum, that this is a mistake in the version 1.7.
The filter-settings are OK, but the empty filter-box is shown.

My idea was to remove this filter-box in the tpl-file.
But I can't identify the tpl.

Somebody here who knows something about that?


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I know that, but I need the position, where the filter is loaded to the start-page. Only on that page this filter is useless.
In the sub-categories I need it.
If I delete the filter in the facets.tpl, I delete the filter everywhere.




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Can't you make facets.tpl conditional by making it conditional.

So you get at the start something {if $category->id != 23}

And at the end {/if}

If write this from the top of my head so my syntax is likely wrong. But I hope you get the idea.

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