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Several display issues after theme upgrade?

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Hi all, so I pretty much has my E-store laid out how I wanted it and then, stupidly, decided to update the theme for something I felt more in keeping with my original site, the standard boostrap feel was a little dated, but since then, Im now having several problems and whilst this has been teaching me to really get to grips with how Prestashop is configured and reading endless forum post of similar problems, I just cant find resolutions where some report they can.  So Im really hoping some of you good people can shed some light on the following for me, thanks.

1) Recently viewed and New products not displaying in left column,  I have de-installed/re-installed modules, checked their position in leftcolumn and everything looks ok.  When I dont list Index as an exception these show in the left hand column then, but not when Im browsing categories and products? Am I going wrong somewhere?

2) Payment logo is no longer displaying in product page? 

3) Combinations table is above product info/review.  Now I have found productfooter I think it was in Positions, but have been unable to work out how to move product combinations table below product info/review.  These two options do not appear as hooks together to change positioning?

4) Within the original boostrap theme, within Theme Configurator, I had 3 images displayed linking back to services on my main site, they are hooked to home, but since the theme install, they do not show at all, no matter where I hook them to?

So thats the tidying up to get it back to a state of where I had it previously, but a quick couple of further questions that I have noticed since the theme upgrade would be:

1) My product category thumbnails are now a lot smaller ithen the previous theme, can this size be changed anywhere? 

2) Category names dont appear central under category thumbnails, dependant upon how many characters make up the category name, so text appears central under thumbnail and others appear to be aligned left, this makes the uniform of the layout look odd?


Thanks to anyone who can spend a few minutes to help me out :) 


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Progress! Finally! You can ignore question 4 (Finally solved) I needed to add Themeconfigurator to Displayhome hook.  I literally feel like I just won the lottery solving this lol

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