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Country selection returns to login


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Hello and thank you for clicking to see my question / problem.


Im using ps1.7

I have a problem with country change at checkout page.


For example the default country is Greece. In the first step of checkout (guest) i add name , surname and email. (im not using password because of guest)

In the second step is the address. If i continue adding address etc it goes to step 3 normally.

But the problem is if i change the country to germany for example when i click to next step it goes to a page and  asks to sign in / sign up.

If i try to click again the cart and go again inside the checkout page it goes normally.


My problem is that when i change the country to continue to the next step (as guest) and not to asking to sign in / sign up.

Is that a bug or i've done anything wrong? ( i've done the address formats same in all countries but still nothing)

You can give it a try in the next link : 

Website : www.313sport.com


Thanks for reading :)

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