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Feedback On My New Shop


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Hello everyone,

Total prestashop newbie - learning as I go :) 

I would love everyone's opinion on my new shop - www.dealande-jewellery.co.uk


Not getting any traffic at the moment, and busy updating the SEO options to try and get listed on search engines.


 Are there any obvious errors as I have had a couple of abandoned carts in the last couple of days :(


What do you think could be improved?

Thank you very much for all your time,




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Congratulation for your online store. :)

I have feedback regarding below points.

[1]. The speed and website need optimization like resize images,gzip compression as per suggestion from gtmetrix. Attach screen shot.
[2]. The shop logo is small in size.
[3]. Lot of empty white space in top sliding banners . This can be utilize for branding and product showcase with big high quality images.
[4]. We can fetch as bot in google webmaster tool to improve ranking and visibility on search engine.

I hope my suggestion helps.

PrestaShop Tutorials Videos [How to do Tasks]




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Hi all,


Carried out some work on the shop.


Getting loads of hits - including loads of spam from russia :(


Not getting any sales?


Are the items too cheap or too dear?


Any help would be really appreciated.


Many thanks



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