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Which version is stable enough for production?

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I am a new comer to PrestaShop. I have tried version (currently the lastest)

But the admin tutorial, I encountered some issues when creating the first product.

It showed "invalid token and ..."

After I clicked the link "I undertand the risk and go on" , I went to the next step without problem. 

Is this a bug or failure warning?

For a new site, which version is the best? Thank you guys

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12 minutes ago, bellini13 said:

I would suggest using PS v1.6.1.17 for a stable production store.

Why? I see some plugins don't work with PS v1.6

Will PS v1.6.1.17 be vulnerable than v1.7.x ?

Don't know if there is a LTS version PS like Linux kernel or Ubuntu.

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