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Add fixed price to a product whatever its quantity

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I am making a module in which a customer can choose between different options when he buys a product BUT whatever the quantity of the same product he choose, the price of the option will stay the same (it's not depending on the product quantity).

For example: let's say he wants to buy a T-Shirt, he clicks on the T-shirt product, arrives on the product page, choose "option 3" (20 pins for 2 euros). So, if a T-shirt is 10 euros and he buys 3 of them (30 euros). The total price for thoses T-shirt will be 32 euros (because of the 20 pins), if he add another T-shirt the total price will be 42 euros...


I have been looking into Prestashop admin panel, if there is a manner to add this feature without coding. I am pretty sure there is no.

The real problem is how to add price to the "cart product price", i.e the price of the total quantity for a product.


I hope my explanations were clear enough, if not tell me and I will update. (I just found the title for this post, I think it's pretty clear :-) )


Much thanks



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