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How do I change what text appears in my google search listing?


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If I search for one of my products with google, the search listing shows a bunch of text that doesn't describe the product at all.

If you search for 'rubber cable mat' in google, my listing is 3rd place, but it looks like this:

Logo Mats | Rubber Matting | Carpet Tiles | Cable Mats | Stable ...
Cable safety mat, rubber backing. logo mats, swimming pool matting, cable mat, self adhesive carpet tiles, rubber. Cable Mat. Print; View full size ...
www.dura-tex.co.uk/19-cable-mat.html - Cached

It looks like it is showing words from the tag cloud or somewhere, but it would be most useful to show the product's short description instead. Is there any way of doing this?

Thanks for any replies

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Go to Preferences > Meta-tags, click the Edit icon next to "index.php", then enter an appropriate meta-description for your website. You then need to wait for Google to update your listing. If you search for my PrestaShop site, you'll see it has my metadescription instead of the content of the page like yours.

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rocky thats not quite right.

Google will return in the snippet what it see's as the best match within that page... that COULD be your meta description, on the other hand, it COULD be a completely different part of the page if your meta description doesnt match the search term.

What the OP is seeing is simply googles match of text within the page to the search term that he entered.
However, get it right in your meta description, and yes thats possibly what will be returned.

Duratex, free advice.. you've made the classic mistake of trying to cram all your terms into your homepage. Your homepage should be themed for your generic terms only. A better title for your homepage would simply be 'Carpet Tiles, Matting and Mats'

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Can anyone help?


When my website appears in the Google listings it has a short description and some default text:


"Manufacturers and suppliers of plastic leaflet brochure holders. Includes description of services and contact details"


I have edited the text through 'preferences' > 'SEO & URL's' > 'index'


I changed the page title and meta description about 2 days ago but Google still shows the default text.


Is there somewhere else I need to make this change or do I just need to wait longer for Google to reindex my site?


Any help much appreciated.



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