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SwiftMailer - 550 Bad HELO - Host impersonating domain name


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I am having a problem while I was upgrading my Prestashop version but in there was an update for SwiftMailer https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/5214  which I had to rollback because I have kinda weird mailing smtp settings.

Those are my settings, I changed IP address to some random one and domain name just to present what is going on:


When I try to send test email then I have this error


 550 Bad HELO - Host impersonating domain name (domain.pl)

I have different server for mails. I think that is because SMTP host is provided with IP address instead of mail.domain.pl but I can't do it otherwise.

Funfact: Those settings are working on localhost!!! I can send email from localhost with these settings.

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