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Step by Step Manual Migrate from 1.6 to 1.7


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I tried to use 1-click-upgrade and other documents to upgrade from to 1.7.x but all my efforts failed. 

now I think I have just 2 option:

  1. manual migration.
  2. use 3rd party tools like "MigrationPro" which is comercial module. 


I prefer to do it manually. 

here is my questions:

  • is there any other way to migrate?
  • what is the steps of manually migration?
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15 hours ago, Curious said:

Yes there is, by using the migration module prestashop to prestashop: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/data-migration-backup/8934-migrationpro-prestashop-to-prestashop-migration-tool.html

This is the easiest way to migrate your shop without asking a developer or agency for help.

I'd like to understand how you migrate customer passwords?  Can you speak to how your handle this in your migration product?  As you know, passwords are hashed using a cookie key. 

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Its not my product, i only use it. 

I dont know how it handles that because everything goes out of the box automatic. After migration everything works as before(1.6 to 1.7) Dont know if it works out of the box  with previous versions.

What i do know is that the developer has sold a huge amount of this module after 1.7 was released :)

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