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multiple currencies with multiple accounts from the same payment processor

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I have the following situation and I am looking for a solution, but so far no success

In the shop (www.standivarius.com) we enabled 3 currencies especially as the clients look to be from all over the world. I would like to keep the 3 currencies further if possible.
We also have a merchant account with moneybookers, and seems very cost effective (1.79%). We want to setup the credit card payment but there is a catch: one moneybookers account can be set up for only one currency. It means we need 3 different accounts, which is possible and confirmed with Moneybookers people. They will link the accounts under one company name.
What we want to have is an automatic feature that will select the right account for the right currency. We can use only one moneybooker account (let say USD), but then they will convert the currency with a 2% charge, very inefficient.

First issue is then if PS can accept multiple moneybookers accounts in the same time. If yes, then if it can select the right one according to the currency.

Anyone has an idea on how to approach this?


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I haven't looked at the moneybookers module, but I'm fairly sure it doesn't have the option of using multiple accounts.

You will need to customize the code to select the right account based on the currency, email me for a quote if you're interested.

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Like tomerg3 said you will have to modify the code for do that.

you have to test it, but i think a basic solution is to edit the moneybookers-form.php

change the line

$mbParams['pay_to_email'] = Configuration::get('MB_PAY_TO_EMAIL');

by something like that

if ($currency == 1) $mbParams['pay_to_email'] = '[email protected]';
elseif ($currency == 2) $mbParams['pay_to_email'] = '[email protected]';
elseif ($currency == 3) $mbParams['pay_to_email'] = '[email protected]';

the value 1 2 3 is the id of the currency, you can see it on the bo -> payment -> currency

each account needs the same secret word

BE CAREFUL : This modification needs to be test

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