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COMBINATIONS and ATTRIBUTES disappeared in Back Office! Please help!!!


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I am not sure why but my COMBINATION'S and ATTRIBUTES disappeared in Back Office! The products that existed still carry the attributes. But, when adding new product, the Combination's tab is blank.

The Attributes tab is empty too! Even tho it says there is 6/50, it shows nothing. Can't add new attribute either.

I have tried restoring the database too a couple of different backups but, it didn't help.

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I'm having the exact same problem. Seems as if Presta can only support 30-40 different attributes per product. This really is pathetic.

Do the developers not realize that a lot of stores need over 100 attributes per product?

rocky, could you please try your best to let me know how to solve this? I already have a coder looking at it, but if you could give me any tips on where he should look I'd appreciate it

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