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How to remove delivery shipping step during checkout?


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Hi all,

i'm on PS and i'm trying to remove delivery shipping step during checkout.

this is what i have done until now:

I made an override for AdminOrderPreferencesController adding a boolean configuration field to toggle this functionnality in this way:

$this->fields_options = array(
        'title' => $this->l('Bypass shipping step'),
        'hint' => $this->l('Do not show shipping step in order process.'),
        'validation' => 'isBool',
        'cast' => 'intval',
        'type' => 'bool'

so now i have this toogle button in Backoffice under Preferences > Orders set to YES to bypass shipping step (working fine!)

I also checked to NO the options to ask to costumer to accept CGV during checkout process

I override OrderController and add an if in init() method to set the current stepto payment step if the controller inits itself on delivery step in this way:

public function init()
    global $orderTotal;


    $this->step = (int)Tools::getValue('step');

    // HERE IT IS
    if((bool)Configuration::get('PS_ORDER_PROCESS_BYPASS_SHIPPING') && $this->step == self::STEP_DELIVERY){
        $this->step = self::STEP_PAYMENT;

    if (!$this->nbProducts) {
        $this->step = -1;

and at the end of init() method i passed the configuration parameter to smarty to modify the checkout display :

$this->context->smarty->assign('bypass_shipping_step', (bool)Configuration::get('PS_ORDER_PROCESS_BYPASS_SHIPPING'));

and also in order-step.tpl i did a small modification adding an {if not $bypass_shipping_step}...{/if} around the fourth li to hide the step,

the shipping step is gone but something is wrong and i get an infinite loop redirection when i try to pass from address step to payment step.

As far as i understand, the problem is in orderController.php, but i can't find it

Someone can help me to solve it pointing me in the right direction?

i attach the full orderController.php i use for override if can be usefull to inspect where is the problem ... i feel very close to the solution but .... no way

Hope someone more expert can help!

thanks in advance.....!



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