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PHP Header Warnings

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Hi All

I've noticed in our Apache error logs that we get this error:
PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/html/controllers/admin/AdminCartsController.php:481) in /var/www/html/classes/controller/AdminController.php on line 1829

It happens when manually taking orders and adding a product, changing the quantity or adding a voucher (that errors at a different line in the php file). The backend itself works perfectly but I don't like to see warnings. We've upgraded to PHP 7.0 and can't tell you whether these errors occurred on 5.6.

I found a thread with this exact error that has been set to SOLVED although the solution offered basically hides the error rather than fixes it. I have tried reactivating that thread but no one is talking. :( There are lots of threads about this issue but no solution that I've found other than hiding the error.

I thought posting in this area instead might be more successful. I just need to know if the error is fixable or just needs ignoring.



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Try to check those two files /controllers/admin/AdminCartsController.php and classes/controller/AdminController.php

and open them in text editor and go to very end of file. See if there is extra empty line and if so delete it. I saw same issue before

but this could be something else.

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Hi @n_s_simpson same issue, have you found solution? 

I'm using Prestashop and PHP v7.1

Can not create orders from backoffiice as well as front office shows 500 error.


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