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[SOLVED] ps_dataprivacy not showing


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Dear colleagues,

I was wondering whether other people also came across this issue.

I tried to use ps_dataprivacy in form (layout classic) on Prestashop and it does not show up. The form as such works fine. I tested the hook. The hooks seems to be there and connected to the module. Also I checked via Debug-Mode and browser developer section but there's no error. I also checked the module php briefly as well as the contact / contactform php and tpl files but I cannot see in issue right a way. BO part works fine. It's just nothing in the form.


Does anybody experience the same? Or would maybe somebody know the issue ... and a solution?


Kind regards,




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It's not really clear what you are trying to do. Data_privacy is shown on check-out process. Furthermore if you are using EU Legal, than you have the option, that you data privacy will be SENT by mail as add on the mail you specified on the EU-Legal module. Data Privacy are not integrated in any other hook. So it seems you are mixing some things.

How data privacy works:

1) EU-Legal module installed -> Will send the text of your data privacy as attachment/add to any mail you choose there.

2) Native function of data privacy - It will be shown on check-out process (and of course on footer as CMS page). There is no other function on that, so you can hook it where you want, but it will not work cause there is no function available.

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Dear Selectshop.at

Thank you so much for your reply.

Yeah, I didn't check carefully. I'm not fully convinced by the fact that there is no message shown on the form page as client can be logged-in and so being affected by the storage of client data anyway. We use EU-legal.


To the question of maria: you could implement an override in the module contactform using the hook hookAdditionalCustomerFormFields and the text comes out of a configuration file (no tpl). I guess it would work (after reading the config file too) but remember that everybody would need to agree on your data privacy before contacting you via email.


Kind regards,


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