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Cart rules with carriers restriction bug


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I am trying to set up few cart rules with carrier restrictions.

So for example when somebody will choose UPS he will receive -5% discount to total

when he will choose some other carrier he will receive -10% etc.

And I can't get this working.

The rule is not applying during checkout.

The only case when it is working is when i add product to the cart then go trough checkout to the "Shipping" part and choose Carrier with discount then i have to go back to the shop  and add another product and only then i can see the rule is applied.

So it looks like cart rule is being applied only when adding product to the cart and not after shipping carrier choice.

How can i get this working??

So ideally would be that rules with carrier restriction are being applied after customer choose carrier during checkout and when he decide to change carrier to another then automatically the new rules applies.



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