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Possibilities of Using presta with Mongo Db


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3 months we are focusing to do this job with two engineer its failed. because of  very rubbish modeling of Prestashop.Honestly almost all Prestashop and Magento and shopify i checked and all of them are rubbish.However most rubbish one is Prestashop.Prestashop  the way is coding in the core like close your hand and rape you.Beleive me if anyone invest on prestashop like invest to a person have whole body cancer and never possible to recover.They have something call Fuggy Smarty.Just have a look smarty you are want to kill Prestashop team.Beause they are fixing the problem of Smarty made alot of Cache to solve this problem.One of the bad part of prestashop is MySQL.You cant runaway from  MySQL its not possible to runaway modeling of Prestashop database too complicated and good for old shop only have three or five customer. This is typical indian coding in Prestashop. millions of If and for and for and if just to run prestashop with Apache benchmark and watch CPU.CPU will jump to 90% .Pls try just check it by yourself if you dont believe


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