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What is wrong with my shop now?


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I had a series of random strange things happen to my shop. Begin december orders just stopped. Contact form did no longer work, I could not longer index price and price card emptyed itself. End december I found a trick on this forum to remove the www. before it. That actualy did the trick (exept for the price index). Orders came back in. It was 2 days before christmas end I had orders until januari 3... After that orders just stopped again...

But this time I can not find what is wrong. Maybe you can tell me what is wrong with my shop??? www.ruiterspotimport.nl

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I found your store URL not working with www.ruiterspotimport.nl Please check server error log for issue and hosting provider.

Generally domain works with www and https both but I found your domain works fine with https.

I can check your store via URL https://ruitersportimport.nl and google search.

I checked the url in my browser and I got error as below. Attach screen shot

This site can’t be reached

www.ruiterspotimport.nl’s server IP address could not be found.

I hope my suggestion helps.



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Indeed. I see that I have spelled that wrong. I must check that better. The address is www.ruitersportimport.nl

The thing is still strange. Normally we get about 5 to 10 orders a day. Last week it was 5... Still can not figure out what's going. At my end everything seems good.

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I  dont know when you've last updated your shop. What you mention can have so much reasons. But when i say your shop looks a bit outdated i dont mean to be rude. Many years ago when i started my first webshop i never changed it for years, but selling became every year lower. Nobody told me: you have to change the look and feel. I wished someone noticed me earlier. 

For example:

- Checkout page is very long and also when people are directed to the payment provider its not clear in 1 blink to who people are paying. This is easy to change.

- Menu is very uncomfortable (and i know prestashop behaviour, so its easier for me) When people click on Ruiter, they have to click at least on 1 another link to see products. Sometimes they have to cick further. Thats confusing and together with slow behaviour of the shop its killing.

- Many products do have a delivery time from 6 ot 15 workingdays. DOnt know if thats normal for these kind of products but consumers are getting more and more in a hurry. Delivery has to be done yesterday :)

- Speed webshop is very slow. Maybe because of settings, i dont know. But shopping is going very slow.


When its normal for you to sell 5 to 10 orders a day ====> 35 to 70 orders a week I should recommend to setup a testshop besides this shop. Just to first see what happens when you start with the last version of prestashop in a new design. With a brand new menu, a 1 page checkout and tuned up so it surfs like a blink.

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I am not that fast offended by things. We updated the front page last September (still not happy, need a change again). Rest of the shop in May. We noticed the single page check out worked better for new costumers. The 5 page is apparently a turn-off for them, especially for smartphone shoppers. I believe prestashop does not offer any other option for it than the one page. 
Don't exactly know what you are saying about the payment provider?

Menu that is right. If you don't click the submenu's from the start you have to go at least one page extra. After that al products show. If you are looking for something specific you can click the links on top ore just scroll.
Problem with all the setups we tried is that we have product groups with just 5 products and a few with over 60. A few are empty now, we are going to stop with those products (Rider is also one we are letting go). So we can reorganise menus in the next couple of weeks. If I can find a good way to make it easy for everybody.

Delivery time is not much off a problem for the costumers I have. It's never been a turn off. The most costumers have a recurring order (feed and supplements) with us. Most orders come from the fact that the find a personal offer in their monthly/2 monthly delivery. So they just add it to the next box.

Slowness. Ok, that one is a problem. We don't see it to be slow, but if it's happening to you. Than it is somewhere out of normal. Gtmetrix says 3 or 4 seconds loading time. But I know we had some flux in the past what actually drove costumers away. I am going to take a hard look at that.


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No hard feelings, but your Prestashop is by far the worst I have seen in a while. I couldn't make it far because it hurts my eyes. Have you thought about hiring an (e-commerce) expert? There is a lot we could improve just a few days time.

I would be willing to help get your site up and running. Godspeed!

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