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"I can't log in to the Back Office"

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Be careful, as this bug looks almost identical to another, similar bug, so please make sure that the symptoms are the same ones that you have seen on your installation before posting new topics about how it wouldn't work.




You have just installed PrestaShop.

After checking out the Front Office, you say to yourself, "This is neat, but I'd like to take a look under the hood!" and so you go to the Back Office.

You type in the login information that you had duly created during installation, but oops! The page reloads itself, and nothing happens, nor do any error messages appear.




Download the next version of PrestaShop,, as soon as it becomes available.


P.S.: Concerning the login bug "Unknown user account or invalid password", we're working on it. ;)


(Matthieu's original post here.)

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Hi realin,


PrestaShop v0.9.6.3 has not yet been released.  We are working hard to release it today; we're grappling with a few very stubborn bugs, but we'll get them sorted soon.


When v0.9.6.3 does become available (we'll announce it on our homepage), please download it and try again.

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