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Module Hook Problem


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Hello, I seem to miss something, I am posting here, hoping that someone can recognize my err.

So, I have a plugin that I want to place on my media page. The media page is a custom page in which I have another hook that actually works.

Let's start from the beginning:

Pre: I install the plugin.

1. I make my new hooks: http://screencast.com/t/ODg0NjBiN

2. I insert my hooks in my custom page .php:

               'HOOK_SMECHER' => Module::hookExec('smecher'),
               'HOOK_MEDIAPIC' => Module::hookExec('mediapic'),
               'HOOK_MEDIAVID' => Module::hookExec('mediavid'),
               'HOOK_HOME' => Module::hookExec('home')));

3. I insert my hooks(sounds funny) in my custom tpl:



               OR !$this->registerHook('header')
           return false;
       return true;

5. In admin the plugin works, I install it. It is already placed in my hook that is supposed to show on the custom page.

and then my custom page shows nothing

This is the exact method I used to show the cart on that page, (it has no columns, that's why, to answer your question :P )

I'm still in the phase which something should get posted in the header of my page, but it doesn't, that doesn't matter, it should show a long list of pictures as html.

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