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Unify all 404 errors (Products, Categories, CMS Pages, etc)

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I have a problem and need some guidance to fix it. Currently we have a 404 page which is the following one:


The thing is that when a product is not found that page shows correctly but when there is some other object not found other errors are shown. This happends with:

  • Categories
  • Manufacturers
  • CMS Pages
  • Suppliers
  • Etc


We are using Prestashop 1.6

Several examples:



NOTE: The language is mixed due to URLS used to get those errors but are correctly shown in each language as it should. The problem is just that it does not redirect to the 404 default template.


Thank you very much in advance!



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When a product is not found the ProductController send a 404 code and display the error message in the product template.
As the same behavior is used for CMS, category and other objects, 404 are shown by different templates.

If you want to avoid this (unify so)  you could develop a module hooked on actionDispatcher and that changes the current controller for the real 404 one (yes it exists!) before ProductController, CMSController etc are fired.

I can do it for cheap if you need it.



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