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Hi Everyone,

I'd like to disable the use of shipping carriers through the website and simply determine how items will be shipped after orders are placed. We only deal in large orders and require custom shipping packages for each customer.

I removed the code from order-carriers.tpl so that only the "agree to terms and conditions" box is displayed on the page. Now whenever I try to checkout it says "invalid carrier or no carrier selected" I just want to delete the carrier option entirely and allow orders to be processed without selecting a carrier. Which file do I need to edit?

Thanks for your help!


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That's what I tried to do but it was still giving me the error. I've done something that seems to make it work though.

I set weight and price ranges between 0 and 300,000,000 and then set the fee for each geographic zone within those ranges to $0.01

Seems to be something similar to the problem that this thread discussed:


Could this be a bug that occurs after deleting the default carrier? Is there a more elegant way to make this work without adding the ranges and charges? It doesn't work to just add the ranges and not the extra geographic fee. But for now it does work (and doesn't seem to be adding my 0.01 fee?) I've tested with different addresses from all over the world from Canada to Poland to New Zealand and still get the same error. My default carrier has all zones and all countries enabled.

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If you like to disable the carrier functionalities, you have to disable those points in the order.php file and set all shipping costs to 0
In addition I think in "classes/cart.php" there is this important fuction - getOrderTotal() -> if you do changes here also you might be able to archive your aim.

Good Luck

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