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Barcode image genration


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I am developing website using prestashop. in back office(admin section) i want to add one more module. thats name is warehouse. here i want to generate barcode image. right now in prestashop there is opton ean13 for create barcode.

but i want to display in barcode image format.

can any one help me? is there any module in prestashop for generate barcode?


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This free EAN-13 barcode generator control for VB.NET class application can easily and accurately generate & create a standard EAN-13 barcode. Here is the VB.NET demo code:

Dim reImage As REImage = REFile.OpenImageFile("c:/Sample.png", New PNGDecoder())

Dim barcode As New Linear()
'create a barcode
barcode.Type = RasterEdge.Imaging.Barcode.Creator.BarcodeType.EAN13
'select barcode type
barcode.Data = "012345678901"
'set barcode data
barcode.X = 1F
'set x
barcode.Y = 60F
'set y
barcode.Resolution = 96
'set resolution
barcode.Rotate = Rotate.Rotate0
'set rotate
barcode.DrawBarcode(reImage, 300, 450)
'draw barcode on REImage with location x and y
REFile.SaveImageFile(reImage, "c:/ean13.png", New PNGEncoder())
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Prestashop already has pdf tools built-in.


You can choose between tcpdf and fpdf, both inside the tools folder.


For myself I use tcpdf:


$tcpdfbarcode = new TCPDFBarcode($code, C128);
$tcpdfbarcode->getBarcodePNG(2, 30, array(0,0,0));
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