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I have have a trouble with custom module in the PS 1.7.

My module is intended for exporting catalog to particular XML file (yandex market, if someone knows it). So, export works fine, except automatic and cron links.

I have SEO URLs torn on, my webserver is nginx. All needed rewrite rules are included in its config.

Module has a controller located in /modules/mymodule/controllers/front/generate.php file. This controller's task is nothing but generate a xml file in the PS root dir, so it is very simple:

class yamarketgenerateModuleFrontController extends ModuleFrontController
        public $display_header = false;
        public $display_column_left = false;
        public $display_column_right = false;
        public $display_footer = false;
        public $ssl = false;

        public function postProcess()


In the BO there is a field with human-readable link  for cron which is obtained/generated via getModuleLink() call. It looks like: http://mydomain/module/yamarket/generate

Taking in account manuals, this FRIENDLY adrress looks correct and finally should invoke the postProcess() from code above. However, it is nonworking and nginx logs shows the 302 code.

If i manually open link like http://example.com/index.php?fc=module&module=yamarket&controller=generate  then it works fine.

Module's internal function 'generate' also works fine.


The question is why human-readable link to module's controller isn't working or why controller does not triggered, and how to fix this?

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