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Carrier delay text in E-mail


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Am trying to add in PrestaShop v1.6.1.17 the:

'{delivery_time}' => $carrier->delay,

To the order_conf email template, as that there is also the {carrier} and would be nice if the  delay information is also there.
But the result is that am just seeing {delivery_time} in the email, I changed the /classes/order/OrderHistory.php

        if (isset($result['template']) && Validate::isEmail($result['email'])) {

            $carrier = new Carrier($order->id_carrier, $order->id_lang);
            $topic = $result['osname'];
            $data = array(
                '{lastname}' => $result['lastname'],
                '{firstname}' => $result['firstname'],
                '{delivery_time}' => $carrier->delay,
                '{id_order}' => (int)$this->id_order,
                '{order_name}' => $order->getUniqReference()

I try to ask this in:
But had no reply, hope that someone here can help :) 

With kind regards,

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