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use another HTMLTemplateInvoice and invoice.tpl


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Hello Guys,

I'm new to Prestashop..

On orders, I duplicated  view invoice with view invoice int for international..

I already created HTMLTemplateInvoiceInt.php


const TEMPLATE_INVOICE_INT = 'InvoiceInt';

on PDF.php and


on AdminPdfController.php

then use the template on generateInvoiceIntPDFByOrder()

$this->generatePDF($order_invoice_list, PDF::TEMPLATE_INVOICE_INT);


it is generating pdf but it still using the invoice.tpl (deleted cache)

I want to use other invoiceInt.tpl for this but I can't.

Please help. Thanks.

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Hello Johnquitanec,

There is absolutely  no need for any core changes. Store as many custom invoices as you want in


You can change the active invoice template in the Back Office drop down for the invoice template in:

Orders --> invoices

But you should be awarè that the invoice,tpl just gathers the other tpl files necessary for generating an invoice. 

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