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How to handle discontinued products?

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I am wondering how i should handle discontinued products.
If i look at some stores, they do not remove these items. The page still exists with the message that the product is not available anymore.
Good for google ranking right, and a way to help your customers find an alternative on your site.

But, they do not show in the search anymore nor in the product lists.
How can i achieve that.



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Hi, right, but that is not really what i want.

I would like to keep the google link valid.
A bit like this:


i can always change to 'not available for order', but i also would like to remove these from the search.

So clients who search for this specific product still find the link in google, but customers who just visit my shop will not find it in the search.


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Here my general recommendation for clients/community members. 

Product Visibility

Summary: Native PrestaShop google sitemap module does not build product index whose visibility is ‘nowhere’. 

Assumptions:  Product Status: enabled | visibility = nowhere

PH Feedback: products will not be displayed when browsing shop or found using shop search widget.  They however can be viewed by direct link when product is enabled but visibility is nowhere.

PH Product Display Proposal

For SEO reasons we want to present relevant product info (landing) as Google (most likely) will not display link in search results if we were to display another product, list of products in that category etc.  Google would not consider this relevant to link and lower/remove it’s link juice.

I’ve read a lot of discussions on this issue and the best solution (trick) that I’ve seen major US shops use in order maintain some link juice but more importantly draw in visitor is that if a product is no longer available for order they will continue to display but without capability to make order.

In conclusion I recommend the follow change to product page in conjunction with including product with visibility nowwhere in google index.

Scenario: Visitor clicks link to product

If product is enabled AND visibility = ‘none’

Hide ‘add to cart’ and ‘price’ as if (product options Available for order = ‘no’ | Show price = ‘no’)

Display text (example) “This product no longer available for order, please see our other great products”.  This can be customized by client.



happy selling

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