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Product Customization Designer - Cdesigner Module

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Cdesigner helps you to offer online product customization to your customers, giving them the opportunity to choose their images from desktop, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, add unlimited text to design, put in various forms.

  • Easy to install and configure
  • Customers can  customize there own custom product
  • Fully manageable in the Backoffice (Product mask, Background Image, Texts, Default Images,Fonts, Color Fonts).
  • Free and Layout grid mode to help your customer to put their design
  • Image ready to print in order page and all information about the design.
  • PDF Image ready to print available from the order page.
  • Helps to offers customization to your products one and two side.
  • Customers can upload their own Image to print.
  • Customers can import  their photos from INSTAGRAM.
  • Customers can import  their photos from FACEBOOK.
  • Add Unlimited Text on the custom phone case.

Support for multidevice (Desktop/Tablets/Mobile)

Demonstration Link

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After countless testing of different "photo to print" solutions we came across this module. Without exaggeration this module exceeded our expectations in every possible way. Our frustration with previous (half)solutions ended over night. Just to name few key benefits compared to all others solution (at least those we tried): 

  • It doesn't matter which "photo to print" product you sell, you can customize the layout with simple transparent masks. So if you decide to introduce new product (in different shape or with multiple photos) you don't need to look for new solution out there. 
  • Customer have a perfect visualization of end product and possibility to customize it (cropping, zooming). This immediately improved conversion rate in our store. 
  • Solution works "out of box". You just enable it for custom products. There is no need for additional coding or placing custom hooks on your site.  
  • Uploaded customers files are easily traceable in BO, so there is no risk of mix-up even if same customer place order with multiple custom products. (this was a big headache of ours with our previous solution).
  • Interface is user-friendly on both sides (Back and Front office). It is also flawless on mobile.

Also I need to mention that communication with developer was fast and effective. We needed some minor modifications to suite our process better and they delivered faster that expected.

Thanks to developers for such wonderful solution.


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