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Class 'Language' not found while upgrading from 1.6 to 1.7


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I'm trying to upgrade presta 1.6 to 1.7 with 1-click upgrade module.

  1. I cannot see 1.7 in versions list (I set major release but is newest one)
  2. I downloaded official prestashop_1.7.2.4.zip and I extracted it to /admin*/autoupgrade/latest/prestashop/ folder
  3. I set 1-click upgrade to update from folder, it process files but when it starts to process database it fails:
    640 plików do zaktualizowania.
    40 plików do zaktualizowania.
    Wszystkie pliki uaktualniono. Aktualizacja bazy danych...
    [Ajax / Server Error for action upgradeDb] textStatus: "error " errorThrown:"Internal Server Error " jqXHR: " "


  4. in error file I have:
    [08-Dec-2017 15:02:39 Europe/Paris] PHP Fatal error:  Class 'Language' not found in /home/sklad/domain name/admin*/autoupgrade/latest/prestashop/install/upgrade/php/migrate_tabs_17.php on line 54


  5. Any sugestion?
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