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Big update of this module so I take the time to make the presentation.

Following a customer's request to move the manufacturer logo to another location on the product page, I also took advantage of this effort to upgrade the module with new options.

Thus, this module which already allowed to display the manufacturer logo and or the logos of the suppliers on the product sheet now allows to move the manufacturer logo in the header of the container where it is displayed, as well as to display the logos on the products of the category page, or on the home page if you have a module that displays a list of products.

The big problem with the display on the list of products is that PrestaShop manages to make us 3 views and methods by version.

So in 1.5, we can not, so we must add the option, which I explain in the module. In 1.6, not too much trouble, but I think the worst is in 1.7, because the design of this list is completely aberrant and the slightest change it distorts the entire site, so we must intervene in depth, but there c is for each designer to correct the inconsistencies of PrestaShop.

In any case, here is:






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